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About us

The Jaded Eye podcast was set up way back in 2010 by a group of british film nerds, as a way for us to share the ‘post-cinema pub chat’ we used to have with our friends now that those friends are scattered all around the globe. We produce a podcast about once a month at the moment. It’s our mission to bring you a fresh and personal take on the releases of the day, maybe tell you something you didn’t know, and hopefully be entertaining while we do it.

Who we are

Alex Dillon


The one on the podcast who is usually most opinionated, and almost always wrong about everything. Likes board games

Jim Lee


The one on the podcast who actually knows what he’s talking about. Constantly mispronounces names. Loves Batman.

J-P Stanway


Handles the web design and hosting, likes French films, French wine, and French food. Is half French, as if you couldn’t guess.

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