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Month: November 2013

Now You See Me Review

Endings are so important for movies. The closing scenes always stick in the mind longer than anything before them. It might be unfair but it’s a fact of film making. Probably the hardest ending to pull off is the twist ending. Make it too obvious and people see it coming a mile off. Make it too opaque and the audience will shrug and not care. Then there’s the worst crime of all – creating a twist that’s so bonkers it immediately renders the previous two hours nonsensical. As a film about a magic and trickery it shouldn’t be a surprise that Now You See Me builds towards a large twist ending. In fact the film opens with Jesse Eisenberg looking directly into camera, explaining that you should look closely, but that the more you look, the less you’ll see. This open challenge builds an air of intrigue and suspense from the start but sadly Now You See Me is setting itself (and the audience) up for a massive disappointment. Four young hip magicians are shown wowing small audiences across the US. Sorry, scratch that. Three young hip magicians are shown wowing small audiences while Woody Harrelson scams his way through Vegas using the power of hypnotism. Each is stalked by a mysterious chap in a hoodie who leaves them a personalised tarot card with an invitation to an eerie...

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