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Month: August 2013

The Wolverine Review

When last we checked in with Marvel’s most moody of mutants, he was politely refusing Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr’s invitation to join their new school back in the 60’s. Chronologically speaking, however, (spoilers?) it was killing Jean Grey in order to stop her murderous rampage in the film X-men: The Last Stand. The Wolverine picks up our hero’s story some years later, with Logan now completely withdrawn from society, eking out an existence in the Canadian mountains. A chance encounter with a group of hunters leads to the now-standard conclusion whereever Wolverine is concerned: a fight in a bar. But before things can get out of hand a strange Japanese woman intervenes. Introducing herself as Yukio, she comes with a message from her employer Yashida, who we saw in the film’s introduction being saved from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki during the WW2 by Logan. While the immortal Wolverine hasn’t aged a day, geriatric Yashida is on his death bed. Begging him to come to Japan, Yashida promises to repay the life debt to his saviour by removing the curse of immortality provided by Logan’s mutant healing powers. The action shifts to Japan for the remainder of the film as Logan quickly gets embroiled in Japanese family politics. Since their first meeting, Yashida has created a gigantic corporate empire as well as two generations of family – his...

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