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Month: February 2013

Kung-Fu Panda vs Iron Man

The “Kung-Fu Staring contest” trailer for Kung-Fu Panda 2 won a Jadie for best trailer in 2011. I’m surprised its taken this long for some one to homage (i.e steal) the idea but here we are: Iron Man 3 – Extended Look Gotta say – Tony’s effort is certainly a...

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Zero Dark Thirty Review

I’ve discovered that reviewing a film like Zero Dark Thirty is very difficult. Looked at in a vacuum, it’s a very impressive creation – well acted, well directed and expertly written. There, job done. Yet I think it would be ignorant to try to review just the film without thinking about the wider context of the real world events that form the core narrative. Beginning with the 9/11 attacks on New York, the film tells the story of the CIA’s hunt for, and eventual execution of, Osama Bin Laden. CIA operative Maya transfers to the Pakistan branch just as the invasion of Afghanistan is in full swing. Through the extensive use of “interrogation techniques”, Maya and her boss Dan (no CIA agents are given surnames in the film) learn of the existence of one Abu Ahmed, an alleged personal courier for Bin Laden. The film then follows the 10+ years of searching for the world’s most wanted terrorist. So, first problem to deal with- is it socially acceptable to make a film like this? Is it too soon? When is it not too soon? Everyone will have a different answer to this. My personal response, having seen the film, is that a fictional recreation is inappropriate right now. The opening title card states “based on first-hand accounts of actual events”, but ultimately the film is still a work of...

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