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Month: December 2012

Sightseers Review

Tina and her mother Carol are at loggerheads over Tina’s new boyfriend Chris. Tina has agreed to go on a caravanning holiday with Chris, which Carol disapproves of. It’s a typical mother–daughter argument that any teenager might encounter with one slight difference: Tina is 34. Trapped in a controlling relationship with her mother and already in her bad books after the accidental murder of their puppy, Tina sees Chris as her personal saviour. Despite Carol’s increasingly spiteful attempts to scupper the endeavour, Chris and Tina finally head out into the big wide world, well North England to be precise, as Chris promises to show Tina “his world”. Chris’s world starts off harmlessly enough with a trip to the Crich Tramway museum. How very romantic! Things are going swimmingly until Chris observes a litter bug dropping his ice-cream wrapper. This triggers a rage inside Chris which overshadows the rest of the museum visit as his anger bubbles away under the surface. When they are just about to the leave the museum, Chris spots the litter bug again, this time in the car park. Whilst backing out his caravan, Chis manages to run straight over him; severing an artery in his neck and killing him. Chris initially shows remorse, but soon convinces himself and Tina that it was all a horrible accident. However, this quickly proves to be the first of...

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