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Month: November 2012

Silent Hill Revelations Review

The opening scenes of Silent Hill Revelations are confused, incoherent and baffling. Fortunately for the audience, we’re in a dream sequence, so this is somewhat acceptable. Unfortunately for the audience, confusion and incoherence are important touchstones for the filmmakers as the rest of the film clearly demonstrates. Admittedly, the previous entry in this series (2005’s Silent Hill) is not the most coherent narrative work, and the games themselves are known for highly complex plots, so perhaps this is some kind of weird homage. If so, it’s the first of many such nods to the original source. Once out of the dream, we’re (re)introduced to Harry Mason and his daughter Heather. Although the names are new, we have met these two before in the previous film as they are Chris De Silva and his daughter Sharon living under new identities. For anyone familiar with the first film there are immediate questions – the two were (spoiler alert) never reunited in film 1 and Heather/Sharon appears to have aged about 15 years while Harry/Chris very little. The first query is answered in an interesting piece of narrative hijinks which effectively rewrites the ending of the first film without completely invalidating it. The age issue, however, is never discussed. Harry and Heather have just moved to a new town, something they seem to do every few months as Harry is on the...

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