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Month: September 2012

Berberian Sound Studio Review

 Set at an undisclosed point during the 1970s, we meet the central character of Berberian Sound Studio as he arrives on his first day of work at a new job. Gilderoy (we never learn if this is a first or last name, nor what other names he has) is a Foley artist; for the uninitiated, this person has the ob of creating/recording all the sound effects for a film. Although principal photography on a film captures some sounds, much of it is actually added later during the editing process, in post-production. Effects like ambient background sounds that may not have been clearly picked up when first filmed (or more likely were not even present if a prop/set was used instead of the real thing) can be added here. In some films, even the original dialogue is rerecorded to ensure it is clearly heard (for example, any scenes shot with IMAX cameras have to be re-recorded for sound entirely separately, as the IMAX cameras are so noisy that it’s pointless trying to capture it at the same time). Gilderoy, an English man who’s spent the majority of his career working on small documentaries about the British countryside, has been hired by an Italian producer to work on a new film by ‘celebrated’ director Santini – The Equestrian Vortex. Gilderoy is expecting another documentary style film, so he is shocked when...

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