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Month: July 2012

Jaded Eye speaks, Nolan Listens!

Ok, ok. So we were not the only people who expressed some concern about Bane’s voice back in January when we saw the IMAX Prologue. Just about everyone was worried if they would understand Tom Hardy’s menacing villain through that mask. Whatever the real reasons, changes were made before the film was released A resourceful fellow has put together a comparison video of Bane’s voice There’s nothing spoiler-ish for the main film in here; just a comparison of Bane’s dialogue from both versions. Did Nolan do the right thing? Was it more powerful before? Or simply garbled gibberish? And what should Jaded Eye do next with their new found...

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Young Adult Review

Mavis Gary is a professional writer. She writes romance novels for young adults, part of an ongoing series that the original creator has farmed off to ghost writers. She lives alone in a small apartment, save for her pet dog – a handbag sized ornament of an animal. One day, whilst procrastinating over what is due to become the final book of the fading series, Mavis receives a group email from an ex-boyfriend Buddy Slater, containing photos of the now married man’s newly first born child. This triggers a wave of mixed emotions for Mavis as she gets a direct glimpse of how her life could have been, had she and Buddy stayed together. Over the next few days, these thoughts incubate until Mavis has convinced herself that this email is a sign – Buddy and she are meant to be together! Packing immediately, Mavis heads back to her childhood town of Mercury, Minnesota, to take back what is “rightfully hers”. Immediately you can tell we’re dealing with a damaged individual. Mavis’s views of the world at large and relationships in general do not appear to be healthy. It’s unfair to say she lives in a fantasy world but also it’s not totally inaccurate. Spending so much time writing novels for young adolescents appears to have had a significant impact on Mavis; at no point is she shown to...

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Max Payne 3 Review

Woo hoo – I’ve played a new game! A sad rarity for me these days; I actually managed to get my grubby little hands on a copy of Max Payne 3 on release date and play it through to completion. Since the Christmas release period now seems to run from September through March, I never get time to play more than a couple of games and end up missing out on many AAA releases. For Max Payne 3, however, Rockstar were gracious enough to release it during a quiet spell in the gaming world and finally, for once I’m playing a brand new game. Only I’m not – Max Payne 3 may be many things, but one thing it cannot claim to be is new – rehashing everything from the first two games, Max Payne 3 often seems decidedly old fashioned. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For those not up in their video game history (shame on you – see me after class), back in 2001, Max Payne was a police detective who plied his trade on the mean streets of New York. Things went to pot after he started investigating a new street drug known as Valkyr. Those controlling supply of the drug arranged to have Max’s wife and young child murdered, which triggered a brutal revenge from Payne as he massacred his way to the...

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