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Month: June 2012

Iron Sky Review

“In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon. In 2018 They Are Coming Back.” As taglines go, that takes some beating. It’s about as high concept as it gets, but it only begins to hint at the insanity waiting for you in Iron Sky. In the hands of a Bruckheimer or Bay that tag line might be the whole story – a general framework into which 2 hours of expensive, explosive action and SFX are slotted around supermodels. The artistic merits of such an approach are perhaps questionable, but you can’t really argue with the box office results. But Iron Sky is different. Made for around 7.5 million Euros (a fraction of the standard mega blockbuster budgets) simple economics suggest that the film can’t follow that template. Even with the frankly stunning CGI work they’ve managed, there needs to be some cheaper sequences which, if nothing else, fill out the runtime. What the film makers have chosen to create when the destruction is not raining down may not always work, but never failed to surprise. We begin as an American lunar lander arrives on the moon in triumph. It’s the first journey to the moon made for over 30 years. Two astronauts head out towards the dark side of the moon (Yes – that old chestnut); one an experienced scientist, the other an African American male model called James...

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