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Month: May 2012

Hirokin: The Last Samurai Review

Jaded Eye favourite Wes Bentley* returned to our screens with a bang this summer in blockbuster hit The Hunger Games. Missing in action for far too long, he reappeared as gamesmaster Seneca Crane in the movie which racked up massive box office receipts across the globe. While some may point to the popularity of the source novel, the skilled translation to film or the lead performance of Jennifer Lawrence, the real reason for its success can only have been the return to the big screen of Wes, one of Hollywood’s oft-overlooked leading men*. Eager to catch up with more of Mr Bentley’s recent output, I found to my delight that another possible classic in the making is now available on DVD and download: Hirokin – The Last Samurai. I’m not sure when Hirokin’s cinema run occurred. Usually, when such a star headlines a release the press are all over it**. Perhaps this film had a larger social media campaign rather than the more regular advertising avenues. As I’ve been out of the country a lot recently, I guess I must have just missed it. Hirokin tells the story of the alien planet Aradius – a dry, desolate world, torn apart by a centuries-long war between the locals, known as Arids and Humans. Fortunately (at least for budgetary considerations) the physical differences between Human and Arid are almost none, save...

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The Cabin in the Woods Review

Here within Jaded Eye towers, our general rule regarding spoilers within reviews and podcasts is that anything in the first third of a film is fair game. Taking the standard 3-act movie structure that the majority of American films follow; the first act will generally be setup – explaining the situation, the characters and the obstacles they face. Any twists and turns are usually placed in the final act as all the pieces fall in to place for the (hopefully) big payoff. And so, we freely discuss what happens in the opening of a film whilst treading very carefully around later events. The Cabin in the Woods is a little different, however, as the opening scene blows one of the largest surprises in the entire film – one that was largely hidden from all the pre-release material such as trailers, set photos and cast interviews. It’s a ballsy move by writers Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon – one of many in the film. Therefore, by applying Jaded Eye standards, I’m going to end up spoiling the first big reveal of this film. If you’re the type who cannot stand any spoilers at all, firstly: what are you doing reading reviews in the first place? You’re just going to get annoyed. And secondly, stop at the end of this paragraph. Just understand that The Cabin in the Woods is a...

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