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Month: November 2011

Immortals Review

With the release of Immortals we’re diving back into the overused well that is Greek Mythology. The always reliable John Hurt opens in the film in narration, telling the tale of a war in Heaven which results in the imprisonment of the losing faction, newly renamed as Titans. There’s a hint of an idea here, suggesting that the losers were not necessarily evil, just on the wrong side, but it’s not taken anywhere. Instead things quickly move into far more standard good vs. evil territory as we’re introduced to honest and hard working Theseus. Living in a strange little village situated in a tiny rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, Theseus enjoys a simple life with his family. That is until the he finds his home is in the direct path of an advancing hostile army lead by the Hyperion, King of Crete. The king is searching for a weapon of great power: the Epirus Bow. Having being wronged by the Gods (at least in his eyes), Hyperion seeks to fire the bow at the prison holding the Titans, thus unleashing them to wreak havoc across the Earth and Heaven – presumably because he got out of bed the wrong side this morning. To be honest, that seems as good a motivation as anything shown in the film. Early on, while he’s indiscriminately setting a high priest on fire, Hyperion...

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In Time Review

We’ve had the trailer for In Time on the Jaded Eye podcast several times* over the last few months and each time, it’s been one of the films that we’ve chosen as “film we’d go to see”. Well, in a break from tradition, I’ve actually been to see such a film. And perhaps it was the high expectations but I just couldn’t help being disappointed with In Time. There’s an interesting premise in the film that made for a strong trailer, but sadly doesn’t really amount to much in the finished film. At some unspecified point in the future, science has reached the point where ageing can be controlled. People grow as normal until they reach their 25th birthday, then they stop ageing completely. At the same point, a luminescent green clock imbedded under the skin of one arm starts counting down (don’t you hate when that happens?). Everyone begins at 1 year. You earn more time by working and you spend time as a commodity to buy goods and services. Money is totally obsolete: time is the only currency. Once the clock reaches zero, the person “times-out” – i.e. dies. So the rich can live for centuries, whilst the poorest live day to day – quiet literally for the very bottom rung. Apparently; ugliness has also been cured, since everyone looks like a supermodel. We’re asked to believe...

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Jaded Eye at the BFI London Film Festival

During October, the capital has been host to the 55th BFI London Film Festival. Whilst not as big as Cannes or Sundance, the London festival has grown to be a major event on the circuit. So much so, that due to the many and varied demands of the world’s media, Jaded Eye was somehow overlooked – I guess our press pass must have been lost in the post. Undeterred, I managed to pay my way into a few of the offerings on show this year. Martha Marcy May Marlene Marked by a headline grabbing performance from Elizabeth Olsen, MMMM weaves the dark tale of a young girl called Martha, trying to reintegrate into normal society after leaving a cult that had dominated her life for an unspecified amount of time. She moves in with her elder sister and her husband but continues to be haunted by flashbacks of her time in with the cult, which we see in the film. Lead by the charismatic and dangerous Patrick, the women of the group are totally subservient to the men. They maintain the farmhouse and cook and clean – they are not allowed to eat until the men have finished. Patrick gives each of the women different names upon their arrival, to further disassociate them from their former lives – therefore Martha becomes Marcy May. This helps to centre the complex...

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