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Month: October 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Review

I try not to judge a movie before I see it; in fact, I even try to avoid hearing anything about it, outside of the trailers that they show before other movies, but I must admit I was not particularly hoping for much from Tintin, a worldwide comics icon about which I would have to spend several years in buddhist meditation in order to care less. However, if anything’s going to turn you around on this film (unless you’re already an avid Tintin fan, in which case, congratulations! It must be nice to be the first of something), it’s the awesome title sequence of Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn, which introduces us to an absolute upper crust of Hollywood talent including Peter Jackson and Daniel Craig, along with crowd favourites Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Andy Serkis, and sometime star Jamie Bell (Jumper, Billy Elliott), not to mention Steven Spielberg taking a break from all those ‘executive producer’ gigs he’s had over the last 6 months to return as director. As well as the names, the visuals of the ‘Catch Me if you Can’ crossed with ‘The Pink Panther’ intro sequence actually managed to get me excited about seeing the film. Unfortunately, it turns out this excitement was misplaced. Writing duties on the film fell to the slightly unlikely combination of Brits Steven Moffat (best known for some...

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Review

Morgan Spurlock made his name with “Super Size Me”. The charismatic documentary maker charted a month of his life in which he eats nothing but McDonald’s meals – morning, noon and night. And if they offered him a super-size portion, he had to accept it. The physical toll this took on his body may not have been all that surprising, but the mental issues that came along with it certainly were; Seeing the brash confident person from the opening scenes drop into lethargy and depression results in an unexpectedly affecting film. After his less well-received follow-up “Where in the world is Osama bin Laden”, Spurlock is back with another thesis on a subject that’s initially tasty and gratifying but which eventually (allegedly) rots you to the core – product placement. Morgan’s idea for the movie is simple but genius: film a documentary about advertising in films which is funded entirely by the adverts in the film and which spends a significant portion of the run time showing Morgan’s attempts to secure the companies that will advertise within the film. That’s about as meta as it gets! So we see Morgan talking to advertising companies, Morgan pitching ideas and concepts to the companies and (eventually) Morgan selling the products to us; both in explicit adverts interspersed within the film and “slightly” more subtle usage of said products. For example; a...

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