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Month: May 2011

LA Noire Review

When I was younger, I often tried to imagine what the ultimate game would be: combining together everything from a flight sim to a fighting game, with RPG elements and puzzles too. The problem, once I started thinking about it, was that if you weren’t good at any one part of the game, then it’d ruin it for you.

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Tekken Review

Regular readers of this web site (if they exist outside of my imagination) will have noticed that I often post reviews of a film not currently in cinemas, being as I am away from a cinema for much of my working life (an english-speaking one, at least).

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Brink Review

New contributer Angry Steve kicks off his career here at Jaded Eye with a look at the new Bethesda/Splash Damage FPS title, Brink. Take it away Steve…

Brink sucks. It’s poorly-executed, boring, uninspired, and none of the things the box (and the hype) promised. Pretty much the whole of this review is going to be about how shitty this half-assed Team Fortress clone is, but reading it will still be more enjoyable than playing the game itself (and only a bit shorter).

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Portal 2 Review

Valve have, to date, never made a bad game. Fact. In fact, even the modifications based on the games Valve made have become legends in their own right. Sure, the Half-Life 2 episodes have been way too short (though the rest of the FPS market has pretty much caught up with them there) and waaaaay too far apart, but if the biggest complaint you can level at a developer is that they just don’t make enough of them, they must be doing something right.

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Episode 20 – Hanna

Jim and Alex from Jaded Eye take a look at the latest Joe Wright film starring Saoirse Ronan, Hanna. With Trailer reviews for Larry Crowne, Bridesmaids, The Hangover Part 2 and X-Men: First Class.

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Mortal Kombat Review

Back in 1992, a new challenger arose to take on Street Fighter 2’s monopoly of the arcade, in the form of Mortal Kombat. A decidedly American affair (as opposed to SF2’s decidedly Japanese flavour), it set out its stall to give fighting gamers a more ‘grown up’ playing experience.

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