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Month: November 2010

Machete Review

With Sly Stallone slurring his way through The Expendables at 64 years old, Morgan Freeman still throwing punches at 73 in Red and now Danny Trejo’s 66-year old Machete, 2010 may come to be remembered as the year where the action stars were more likely to pick up a pension than an uzi, and are more likely to die from natural causes during filming rather than the machinations of an evil genius with a pool full of laser-sharks.

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Burke and Hare Review

Ealing Studios is a legend in the British film industry. Only Pinewood and perhaps Hammer are as recognisable names. Home to some of the greatest British film ever made, their heyday was the post-war period that saw the likes of Passport to Pimlico, Whisky Galore!, The Man in the White Suit, The Ladykillers and my personal favourite The Lavender Hill Mob.

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The Sims 3 Review

10 years ago Maxis, the developers of Sim City, gave us the ultimate evolution of the simulation with ability to control every aspect of the lives of virtual people on your PC in The Sims (a concept first explored way back in 1985 with the Activision game Little Computer People).

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Fable 3 Review

In a bizarre bit of deja vu, we had another new RPG followup to a 2008 ‘Game of the Year’ released in October.

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Saw 3D Review

The Saw franchise has become a byword for the entire “torture porn” sub-genre of horror movies. A group of films in which the horror is entirely human and down to earth, they revel in the atrocities that man does to his fellow man (and woman) with none of the supernatural elements more commonly associated with mainstream horror.

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