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Month: September 2010

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Bizarre as it might seem, Spider-man owes a big portion of his current digital existence to pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. See, back in 1999, Neversoft created a new videogame engine that combined large play areas and fluid, freestyle movement to allow wannabe skaters to live out their dreams of becoming a pro.

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The Town Review

There’s a new crime caper film in town (cool!). It’s directed and co-written by an Oscar winner, based on a Hammett-prize-winning book (neat!). It stars two Oscar-winning leading men and a BAFTA winning leading lady, supported by Jon Hamm, lead actor from HBO’s hit series Mad Men (blimey!). Sounds pretty awesome on paper, right?

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Resident Evil: Afterlife is really Resident Evil 4, but since numbered sequels are out of fashion at the moment, we get a subtitle instead. If anyone can remember Resident Evil: Extinction (the third one), Afterlife follows directly on.

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Salt Review

The star vehicle is a Hollywood tradition. Many a movie is built upon “the package” – actors and director cast before a story is even proposed. The recent Knight and Day is a perfect example of such flawed film making. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, together at last! Who cares if we have no idea what they will do in this film, as long as both of them are on screen together, it’ll be great! (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t – However, the addition of a well-cast star to an existing package can elevate mediocre material into watchable entertainment, especially if the presence of said star bumps the budget up enough to provide the canvas the story works best on. At its core, Salt is a hackneyed, spy-pulp thriller with a crazy plot, which might have better fit as an episode of the Man from Uncle.  But with an arguably perfect bit of casting (and a budget that benefits such a name) Angelina Jolie’s Salt is an all together more entertaining proposition. The film opens in North Korea, two years prior to the events of the rest of the movie. CIA agent Evelyn Salt has been captured and is undergoing torture. It’s a surprisingly brutal opening sequence, somewhat out of tone with the rest of the film. But before things get too graphic, Salt is released in a prisoner...

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Halo Reach Review

Looking objectively at the new Halo game in this light, it is very difficult to argue that it, or even the wider Halo series, represents anything special in video games: after all, the tale of a grizzled space marine shooting aliens with laser guns is possibly the least original premise that exists in modern video gaming.

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Repo Men Review

Repo Men is set in the now standard “Blade runner”-esque vision of the future; a huge city, full of giant video screens running 24/7 adverts. In this world of tomorrow, we meet Remy and Jake: friends since grade school, now working together as repo men for a giant company known as The Union.

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