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Month: July 2010

Exam Review

Imagine going to a job interview where the following takes place: you’re invited into a room with 7 other candidates. You sit at your desk, one per person. On each desk is a single sheet of paper with your candidate number on and a pencil.

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1993 unleashed one of the most popular videogames of all time onto the world, with iD software’s DOOM. Followup to the groundbreaking and wildly successful Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM proved that the only thing people like more than shooting Nazis is playing a space marine, shooting monsters.

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Toy Story 3 Review

15 years ago (has it really been that long?) the original Toy Story came out to universal acclaim, and changed the world of kids films forever. Hand-drawn animation was out, and CGI took over to the extent that almost every successful childrens film between then and now has been computer generated.

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Inception Review

In the eyes of many people, especially film nerds, and especially especially my erstwhile cohort on this site, Jim, Christopher Nolan can do no wrong, and it’s hard to argue (2002’s lukewarm remake Insomnia notwithstanding): from his first appearance in the mainstream 10 years ago with Memento, he has written and directed some of the most successful films of the decade, both critically and financially.

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Predators Reviews

Below is my review of Predators. But what if you don’t like reading? Well, gee – the internet must be a pretty tough place! Fear not graphophobe, Jaded Media is here for you; behold: the first Jaded Media podcast, where Alex and I review Predators without all these pesky words. And what if you’re a graphophobe and a phonophobe? Erm…. what are your feelings on mime?

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