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Month: June 2010

Naughty Bear Review

There have been a few video games over the years that have tried to blend the idea of cartoonish childrens topics with a more ‘adult’ oriented gameplay style (for example the good but largely ignored Fur Fighters, or the bad and mercifully ignored Fairytale Fights).

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Split Second Review

Recently Disney and Black Rock Studios (previous collaborators on Pure, an entertaining but ultimately forgettable mix of 1080 Snowboarding and Mario Kart on quad bikes) released a new arcade racer with a unique gimmick; players have the ability to trigger ‘Power Plays’ along the track to explode cars, collapse buildings or drop exploding barrels in the path of your enemies.

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Prince Of Persia – The Sands of Time (Movie) Review

A common complaint of Hollywood movies is that there is no originality. Every blockbuster is either based on a book, an older film, a television show, a toy or a video game. No new stories are ever told; just the same old clichés are thrown out again and again. But familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

In the beginning, there was Super Mario Bros. on the NES, and it was good. Well, actually there were quite a few appearances by Mario (or Jumpman, as he was originally known) before then, but this was the real breakthrough game for him and his palette-swapped brother, Luigi.

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review

It’s nice to see the US is not the only country that automatically turns best-selling books into movies. Or is it bad to see that the habits of the American film industry are infiltrating other countries?

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